It appears as though no copper is safe from being looted.

According to a Facebook post by Fortis Alberta, copper from power poles has recently become targeted by thieves. 

"If you see a damaged power pole, a power line on the ground or other signs of damage to our equipment, immediately contact your electric utility - FortisAlberta can be reached at 310-WIRE (9473) - citing the location," Fortis stated in the Facebook post.

But, they do strongly suggest staying at least ten metres from all downed powerlines, in case they are still energized.

The value of copper has gone up by 400 per cent in the last several years, which makes it even more of a tempting target.

Nanton's Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre recently had an estimated $5000 worth of cables stolen.

Fortis is asking people to call the police if they see suspicious people or activity involving a power pole.