Literacy For Life is making a return after some time away.

Nicole Levesque says they're helping people hone their digital skills Thursdays at the Sheep River Library in Diamond Valley.

"It is really for beginners so for people that their confidence is low with technology they're not quite sure how to navigate computers, phones, tablets, they're wanting to just use them more and have more confidence, the class is really geared towards them," she says.

We get mostly seniors that come, we get mixed classes, but a lot of seniors come, it's social, it's low stress, lots of fun, we keep it kind of light and it's mostly about building confidence, we focus a lot on the language of technology and then navigating and trying to problem-solve and so the tools they'll learn in the classes are transferable."

She says if someone doesn't know anything about technology its getting more and more difficult to get by, citing the provincial government's latest affordability rebate program and the need to go online to set up an account and get registered.

For more information you can call Literacy For Life at 403-652-5090.

Tech Talk goes from 10 a.m. to noon Thursdays.