There will be lots of new healthy options to chose from at the Calgary Stampede this year.

You will be able to find delicious options made without gluten, dairy or nuts.

"There will be 17 new foods coming to the Midway this year and we have lots of great new foods that are for people who are looking for food for a sensitive stomach," says James Radke, operation manager.

He says you will be able to chose from things like gluten free french fries from Fresh Cut Fries or a pineapple curry or a spicy pad thai made with brown rice and no oil from Island Noodle Stir Fry.  

There will also be lots of ethnic food options available that are also gluten free.

If you have a craving for sweets, Radke says you can get ice cream from Mackay’s Ice Cream, fudge from Old Fashioned Fudge or candy from Candytimes.

"All items are made without gluten except for Guys Weadick’s Haystack ice cream and Oreo Cookie fudge," he explains.

Radke says they had some of this food last year but they didn't advertise is.

"More and more grocery stores are getting into the new alternative food and the gluten free foods, so society is changing and we have to change with it."

All this food and more will be available at the Calgary Stampede from July 6 to 15 this summer.