Minister of Energy Ken Hughes and Darren Goldthorpe during Fieldhouse Construction (File photo by Stephanie Hopf)

Just like the Bob Snodgrass Rec-Plex, the unfinished High River Field House sustained major damage from June's flood.

Manager of Parks and Recreation for High River Darren Goldthorpe says construction on the field house is ongoing once again, but there were some setbacks.

He says "they had to do their own remediation in and around the area, they've done a great job of getting it all cleaned up and back on track, however they were faced with some challenges of getting their contractors back."

Goldthorpe adds despite the delay, the field house is still projected to open this year.

He says "we're aiming for mid to late November for the opening of the field house, we're very excited for that facility to be able to open as well."

When asked if all the same amenities would be available as planned before the flood, Goldthorpe says "we haven't swayed from that original plan or design for the field house, so everything that was supposed to be in there will be."

Those amenities include a health and wellness centre, an indoor field and several sport courts.

The tentative opening date for the field house is November 15th, with hopes of holding a grand opening ceremony soon after.

Fieldhouse Rendering
A projection of what the completed field house will look like. (Courtesy the Town of High River)