The fire departments of Vulcan County and the Town of Vulcan have a new-old piece of equipment to use.

High River's Chief of Fire and Community Safety, Cody Zebedee says they sold their old ladder truck to them for $30,000.

"Last year the town approved the purchase of a new ladder truck for us to replace our 2001, 75-foot and so we had a conversation about either keeping the old ladder truck or do we sell it off so the decision was made to sell the ladder truck off and we found a really great connection just to the east of us with Vulcan County and the Town of Vulcan and they ended up purchasing the old truck off of us and I would image it'll be in service out there fairly soon," he explained.

Zebedee says there isn't much of a market for used ladder trucks and they can end up being bought cheap and end up being used for other purposes like putting up Christmas lights.

"It's important that it went to a community that probably didn't have that type of apparatus and give them a little bit of enhanced equipment and some enhanced abilities in their communities, so we're pretty happy to see it go to Vulcan and go to a good home," he says.

He says the High River fire department got a lot of good use out of it and got what they needed from a dollars and cents perspective as well.

A great thing, Zebedee says is that if Vulcan needs any training help, they're just up the road and High River crews can help them out.