The Town of High River is saying 'just say no'... to coal mining.

On Tuesday, May 24, town council unanimously endorsed the 'A Coal Policy for Alberta - 2022 and Beyond' proposal.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says the Town of High River's coal restriction policy they developed last year got the ball rolling for the new proposal.

"Which helped to spur on the work done by the coal policy committee that was created by Minister Sonya Savage and chaired by Mr. Ron Wallace who did the public consultation regarding this coal mining issue."

Snodgrass was also pleased the town was the first municipality to support and endorse the proposal.

"I feel it's appropriate for the town of High River to be the first ones to endorse this policy simply because we were heavily invested and involved in getting us where we are today to protect our eastern slopes and Alberta against future coal mines."

There are currently 30 other groups and organizations endorsing the proposal.

The link to the 30-page document can be found here.