The snowy season is upon us, and High River Public Works staff are prepared to deal with the issues that accompany it.

The Town begins planning and preparations to sand, salt, plow streets, and move snow from roadways and pathways in partnership with Summit Property Group as soon as snow starts.

The Town operates a fleet of four plow units, three loaders, and a grader to tackle snow removal.

Highest-traffic roadways are cleared first, according to the Town's plan.

Summit Property Group will begin a pilot project to add safety and walkability to the pathway system. 

On weekends, after the contracted areas are cleared, they'll make a single pass-through of the Happy Trails system. 

Public Works staff will clear the remainder on Monday morning. 

The aim is to create a safe and walkable environment.

The Town's also asking residents to be a Good Neighbour.

Businesses and residents are responsible for clearing snow and ice from privately owned sidewalks, walkways, parking lots and vacant properties within 24 hours of a snowfall. 

If you know of someone who needs help, they ask that you jump in and give them a hand.

If you. need help you're asked to call the Town.

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