The United Conservative Constituency Association (CA) of Highwood has been working to reintroduce themselves within the community over the last few weeks.

Their current board is working to boost their visibility and involvement in and around Highwood compared to those of the past.

Incoming president Julie Hodge has been a big part of that.

She aims to give locals a better idea of what the CA is all about and who is involved.

“There had been a bit of a, perhaps ‘who are these people, who’s in it, what do they do?’ perception. My goal is to really communicate with the community, reach out, and have them understand what we do. Really promoting all the Highwood individuals, businesses, associations, and organizations, and help bring that sense of community while also focusing on the fact that we are the Highwood Conservative Constituency Association, so we have a key interest in what’s happening politically and how it affects us here in Highwood.”

She emphasizes that the CA board is made up of community members with a goal of promoting the UCP in the riding first and foremost and is not an arm of Highwood’s MLA RJ Sigurdson.

“We are, I guess, more partisan so to speak, whereas RJ Sigurdson is an MLA representing everyone… Our opinions, our feelings, what we share, that is in no way related to or speaking as a mouthpiece for our MLA.”

Information on their fundraising events, openings on their board, and provincial goings on from a UCP perspective.

Hodge is also hoping to emphasize the people behind the board and the fact that it's made up of regular community members.

“I think it’s really important right now, in this day and age, that we understand that we are all truly sharing the same planet, the same constituency, the same town. We all want the same thing, we all want safety and security for our family and our future, we want to be seen and heard, and we all want a good life. That’s basic regardless of what your political affiliations are.”

More information can be found on their Facebook page.