More live music is coming to High River.

The Gift of Music Society is bringing a stringed trio to town on Friday, April 29.

Michelle Wheatley-Brown, with the society, says we're in for a real treat.

"Featuring a prairie trio, called Indigo Trio and it's a violin, viola and a cello. They play a medley of classical, folk and fiddle tunes."

Wheatley-Brown says both the musicians and the audience have a symbiotic relationship.

"They really enjoy playing here, they love to come to High River, they love to get to know people...connect with our audiences. And we have such a great audience too, it's just a great experience."

Once again, the performance is at the High River United Church.  Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and the performance starts at 7:30 p.m.

Here's a preview performance of them performing some Bach.

Indigo Trio's upcoming concert incorporates the work of Sunabacka, an Associate Professor of Music with the University of Waterloo, in a performance that promises to intrigue. 

“We discovered that exploring music and our experiences through the lens of our prairie identity was one way to bring a sense of shared humanity to our audiences, ever so hopeful that it would further unity, peace, and beauty wherever music would take us.”

Alyssa Ramsey of the Indigo Trio

They're even performing the folk, prairie, Canadian classic 'Old Man' by Neil Young.  You can get tickets through their website.