The annual Memorial Tree ceremony is taking place today (Sept. 20) at George Lane Memorial Park in High River.

It's taking place at 6 p.m. to honour donors who purchased trees and benches over this past year.

Some people also use this as an opportunity to recognize special anniversaries, birthdays or graduation. 

The trees that are purchased at a cost of $500 will be planted throughout High River at either George Lane Park or Riverside Park.

You can also choose your type of tree ranging from a Siberian Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Colorado Spruce, Northwestern Poplar, Bur Oak, Hardi Mac Apple or Ohio Buckeye.

The $500 fee covers the tree, the planting, and maintenance as well as a plaque.

Residents can also buy into the memorial bench program at a cost of $1,800 which covers the cost of the six-foot bench and plaque.

The annual ceremony also celebrates National Tree Day


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