The Alberta government filled in some details on Monday regarding relief for farmers and ranchers.

RJ Sigurdson, MLA for Highwood and the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation announced some relief to help ranchers and farmers to help maintain their herds.

"And I'm relieved that the federal government is partnering with Alberta on $165 million-dollar Agri-recovery response. This will provide funding to help livestock producers affected by drought and extreme growing conditions this year."

While this isn't new as the original announcement was a week ago what is new is how can farmers and ranchers apply and what are the stipulations.

Sigurdson explained who qualifies during the Monday morning announcement.

"Livestock producers who altered their usual grazing practices due to drought conditions for more than 21 days this season can apply for financial support. Eligible producers could access up to $150 dollars per head to help maintain their breeding herd in drought affected regions."  

There are 57 regions within Alberta that are affected. 

More information is on the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation website. 

And if you're a farmer or rancher looking to apply for relief, just click here

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