More provincial funding for Alberta's agricultural societies is coming down the pike.

In October, the province announced the Agricultural Societies Infrastructure Revitalization Program, which allowed for ag societies to apply for funding for repairs and maintenance.

The program will provide $2.5 million each year for maintenance and upkeep.

Speaking at a media teleconference on Jan. 12, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation and Highwood MLA RJ Sigurdson said that the 2023 program had been fully subscribed and that the first round of funding would be sent out in the coming weeks.

According to Sigurdson, some societies who applied were not able to receive funding but will have another chance.

"There were some ag societies that did not get included in this year's intake, and of course, that's why we're encouraging all those ag societies that didn't make it on this year's intake to apply for next year's intake. We're very proud of the 24 projects and ag societies that were awarded this year, a total of $2.48 million."

The province will be accepting applications from the next round of funding on Feb. 15.

Sigurdson stressed the importance of these facilities as community hubs.

"Staffed by thousands of hard-working, dedicated volunteers, they improve our quality of life by organizing programming and keeping community infrastructure up and running. That includes the curling rinks, riding arenas, rodeo grounds, grandstands, and indoor skating rinks that we flock to on -20 days just like today. As a father of a son playing hockey, I spent a lot of time roaming around Alberta and being in those arenas, so I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into it."

Grant applications can be found on the province's website, and the full media teleconference can be seen on the YourAlberta YouTube page.