On March 13th, the Town of Nanton increased their water restrictions to Level 2.

In the initial release, they said that enough snowmelt had infiltrated the sewer collection system to cause the Town to be worried about a significant sewer backup, and asked residents to reduce their water usage.

After diverting the snowmelt, the town found that there was water still coming into the system, so the Town began looking for leaks in the Westview Area.

On March 21st, the Town announced that they had located and repaired 3 leaks in service lines on 29th Avenue, which helped to drop the amount of groundwater that was infiltrating Westview's sewer system, but Nantonites were still under the Level 2 Water Restrictions.

On March 26th, the town of Nanton took to Facebook to announce that residents no longer had to follow the Level 2 water restrictions.

This was because the Town had fixed several leaks they had found, which helped to keep the water levels at the wastewater plant at a safe level.

In the social media post, they extended a Thank You to Nanton residents who helped to reduce the amount of water they were adding down the drain.