Locals flocked to an Okotoks business over the weekend to raise money for Ukraine.

Covet Sips + Sweets held a fundraiser on Saturday, March 26, wherein all profits from items sold that day would be donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

It seems word got around in the days leading up to the event, with patrons far exceeding their goal, according to co-owner Meagan Layton.

"We sort of had a secret goal of $5000. When you're fundraising it's hard to have a goal when you're relying on the community. We were hoping for $5000 and the community blew us away, and we raised over $8500. We are just thrilled and overwhelmed, and we are just so thankful."

She had feared they would run out of cookies at some point during the busy day, though she was happy to report that demand was met across the entire day.

"Our baking team was amazing, they kept up. Sometimes we had cookies coming straight out of the oven into people's hands, but no one was mad about that. I don't think we had to turn anyone's request away, and people were leaving with lots and lots of cookies."

Amongst the hustle and bustle, she recalls one moment that really stood out to her.

"In the morning we had just one little quiet moment. This gentleman came and said his son was in Ukraine right now doing search and rescue. He was so touched about what we were doing and I was so humbled to hear his story and how what's going on has affected his family personally. We hugged and expressed our gratitude to each other and I can't stop thinking about his son and that family and hoping he'll be okay and be able to come home safely."

Prior to the event, Layton recalled an overwhelmingly positive reception from locals when the business opened in June of 2021.

She had a similar experience on Saturday.

"I've said it a million times, but if you're ever going to start a business, you do it here. Everyone is so over-the-top supportive. So many people that came said 'I've never been here but I heard you were donating and so I wanted to support,' and that just means the world to us."