A local company is looking to help fill a seasonal gap at the Okotoks Food Bank.

Employees from 10Fold Group Inc. will be launching their "Stuff the Truck" initiative with Sobeys Okotoks on Wednesday, May 29.

Communications Coordinator with 10Fold, Aliyah Coy, says it came about after they learned that the food bank sees a dip in donations at this time of year.

"It came to our attention that the Okotoks Food Bank is going through a dry season. During Christmas, tonnes of donations come in, everyone does food drives, and then that kind of sustains them throughout the winter months, but going into spring and summer, their supply really starts to dwindle. So we decided that we wanted to help them out."

About a dozen volunteers from 10Fold will be filling up shopping carts with donations at the Okotoks Sobeys to be taken to the food bank.

A few others will help sort the donations at the food bank.

"We'll have six volunteers there who will be fully trained by the Okotoks Food Bank and we'll stock their shelves, we'll prepare their hampers that they give out to the community members, and all the volunteers there are going to be trained as regular volunteers so that we can go back on our own time and just be regular volunteers for them," says Coy.

Anyone wanting to contribute is welcome to drop off donations while they're at Sobeys between 7:45 a.m. and about 10 a.m.

The event, says Coy, is intended not only to give the food bank a boost, but to inform people of the need that's still very much present.

"People need to eat, it's just a really big need in our community and we want to bring that to light a little bit more."