An Okotoks golfer recently had quite a week.

Bruce Gerrard sank two holes in one in the span of five days.

The 73-year-old Okotokian has a long-standing friendly rivalry with his cousin, and his two latest aces came at a very opportune time.

“We played a lot of golf together over the years and we both had four holes in one up to that point. He sent me a picture of him getting his fifth one, holding up his hand with five fingers, kind of rubbing it in. Then on the Sunday I got a hole-in-one, about 141 yards I think, with an eight iron. Real nice shot. Landed and rolled into the cup, so I got the guys with me to take a picture of me holding up five fingers so I could send it back to him.”

bruce gerrardHaving just sunk his fifth hole-in-one, Bruce posed for a picture to gloat that he'd evened the score.

Gerrard was happy just to even the score, but just a few days later, he topped it.

“It was my first shot of the night, actually, on the same hole that I got the first hole-in-one. It was a real nice shoot, and we got out on the green and it was in the hole too, so that was two of them in five days. I sent him a picture right away.”

He’s been golfing at the Turner Valley Gold Club for about 35 years now.

“I don’t know how many games I’ve played over the years, but at Turner Valley, I’ve probably played 2,500 times over the years. I guess that’s the second or third one I’ve had at Turner Vallery but that’s an awful lot of shots I’ve done that haven’t gone in that have been good-looking shots too. I’m very lucky.”

Gerrard recalls the feeling of elation when he sank his very first ace, but after six of them, he's pretty used to it.

Still, two in one week did stir something within him.

“More than anything, I was kind of like ‘What’s going on?’ I should probably buy a lottery ticket.”