Some more filming will be taking place in High River, and things are going to get loud.

Crews will be in town between July 2 and 28, with traffic and parking disruptions expected.

On July 27, a riot scene will be filmed and will include loud noises and smoke.

The town has shared a schedule including which areas will be affected:

  • Thursday, July 21 – Macleod Trail and 3rd Ave SW
    • No parking and intermittent road closure on 3rd Ave SW between Macleod Trail SW and 1st Street.
    • Intermittent road closure on Macleod Trail SW at 3rd Ave Sw.
  • Tuesday, July 26 – Macleod Trail and 2nd Ave SW
    • No Parking and intermittent road closure on Macleod Trail SW north of 2nd Ave SW
    • No Parking on 2nd Ave SW
  • Wednesday, July 27 – Macleod Trail and 3rd Ave SW
    • 3rd Avenue will be closed between Macleod Trail and 1st Street SW.
    • Intermittent closure of Macleod Trail at 3rd Ave.
    • Riot scene filming will include, vehicle blockades, loud noises and smoke grenades.
  • Thursday, July 28 – 3rd Ave SW
    • Controlled parking and intermittent closure of the east half of 3rd Ave SW between 1st Street SW and Macleod Trail.

More information, including maps of affected areas, can be found on the town's website.