Halloween is right around the corner and that means lots of kids will be out trick or treating.

High River RCMP Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills says safety should be top of mind for adults on the big night.

"Obviously the kids love Halloween and as adults it's our job to help those kids be safe whether we're taking them out trick or treating or we're driving along the road on Halloween night, just be extra observant if you're driving vehicles, again is there's going to be kids darting out it's going to be on Halloween because they are excited and hopped up on sugar," she says.

She says it's also important to make sure children are visible when they're going door-to-door in search of candy.

"Just make sure you can see them, nice bright costumes, if it's a dark costume put some reflectors on them, I am a big fan of glow sticks, cover those kids in glow sticks, bracelets, around their necks, you can even get ones that are like wands or tiaras, Make your kids visible."

She adds it's always a good idea to check candy and respect the people who aren't taking part and move on from homes that have been left dark or has no decorations.

Constable Kingdon-Mills reminds everyone that tricks are sometimes part of trick or treating but RCMP can lay mischief charges is things go too far.