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We missed it yesterday cause we got our lines crossed, so we'll do it today!  At 4ish High River native and country artist Leslie Alexander will be stopping by to chat about her single, High River Strong, and her upcoming album of the same name!  The song is an upbeat track that goes through the events of the flood, focusing on the way neighbours and friends showed their strength throughout the event and after.  It acknowledges volunteer support and celebrates the towns resilience.  We'll also chat about what it was like to return to High River after spending some time away and a bunch of other stuff as well!  You can catch Leslie live at the Spitzee Post in High River on Saturday, October 5th for her CD release party!   For more info, click on the link!

Mark & Leslie Alexander

You can download Leslie's High River Strong, just the single or the full album for a donation here.

To check out some of Leslie's other tunes, you can click here!



Coming up this weekend we've got a treat for you on Made in Alberta!  I had the opportunity to chat with Gord Bamford about the CCMA's, and the release of his upcoming album on October 8th, Country Junkie.  The whole interview PLUS a special before-it-hits-the-store-shelves preview of the ENTIRE album will be on this weekend's edition of Made In Alberta, Saturday morning at 9 and Sunday afternoon at 4.  I'll play a bit of that interview this afternoon at 5:20ish!



I'm going to tease you again!  I can't tell you who it's going to be, and I can't tell you when, but I CAN tell you that tomorrow at 7:15ish during the Morning Show, Jody Seeley will be able to tell you!  Make sure you're listening tomorrow morning to find out who and when!



It's another Thursday, so that means the Nashville News went at 7:45 this morning!  If you missed it, you can catch it here!  Kimberley Perry gets engaged, new music from Brett Eldridge, Jake Mathews, Sarah Curle and more!