Following the introduction of five hockey teams from Alberta mid-season, the BCHL announced how the league will approach this season's playoffs.

All five Alberta-based teams will make it into the playoffs as part of the Alberta Division.

The bottom two teams in the Alberta Division will play a best-of-five wildcard series to see who will join the top three teams in the semi-finals.

The semis will be played as best-of-seven series.

Each team's standing will be determined by the team's winning percentage, which include the teams' records before they merged with the BCHL.

The Wildcard series of the Alberta Division runs from April 10-16, with the Semifinals happening from April 19 to May 1.

The Alberta Division Finals run from May 10-25.

The B.C. Division playoffs will be the same as they have been in previous years, with the top eight teams from each conference will make it to the playoffs.

They, too, will play a few rounds of a best-of-seven series to determine who will be competing in the Fred Page Cup finals.

Once the champions have been crowned in both divisions, those two teams will compete in a B.C. vs Alberta series.

More information on the B.C. vs Alberta series will be released in the coming weeks.

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