The chuckwagons are headed back to High River for the Battle of the Foothills.

Ag Society President Tanya Froh says you really get the feel of the excitement at the local races.

"Our chuckwagons are a really cool event and the grandstand, our grandstand being aluminum, when those wagons make the turn around the fourth corner and everybody's stomping in the grandstand, the atmosphere is electric."

This is the first time a full complement of 38 wagons will be back since 2019.

There's lots of great competition in store for spectators.

"These guys have all been running so well, the results from Calgary and Ponoka and before that they're all sort of interchanged, I don't know Kris Molle's really hot, I'd love to see some of our hometown boys like Jordie Fike or Mark Sutherland step up, I don't know, it could be anybody's race," Froh says.

The Battle of the Foothills goes Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon.

Tickets are available at the Ag society website or on Facebook.