While students won't be going back to class until Monday January 9th the Foothills School Division wanted to share their message for 2023 with everyone.


What we focus on expands:

A message for the new year from Foothills School Division

Within Foothills School Division, we began the 2022-2023 school year with this statement of purpose: Placing education at the centre of a flourishing community. As we begin a new calendar year, I wonder how we might continue to move toward this goal alongside the community we serve.

With commitment. With intention. With authenticity.

If we look at our natural world for inspiration, we see that flourishing systems are self-sustaining. They are ever evolving in pursuit of balance; in pursuit of a system that is beneficial for all inhabitants. Change is a constant, reinforcing process that supports the conditions for all to thrive and flourish.

Right now, we are experiencing multiple perspectives competing with one another on an ongoing basis--both within and outside our school system and community. This can be a challenge, but we can choose to see it as an opportunity. Often overlooked in this dynamic and debate is what we have in common. As we look forward to cultivating a flourishing community, I humbly suggest that we begin to focus on what unites us. This can be the starting point for our renewed work. Our shared objectives speak to student success and community success. What questions do we need to continue to ask to achieve this success? What can we control? And where do we have influence in our own practice and contributions? This is the essence of the work that can help us overcome debate and move toward dialogue, creativity and innovative partnerships and practice.

What we focus on expands. Together, we need to strive forward with a collective focus: A celebration of what we do well. A recognition that we can and will continue to improve what we do, and how we do it. To change for the better in the pursuit of flourishing. We are stronger together. We are smarter together. Let us focus on what brings us together, do this well and reinforce our purpose in this New Year. A collective resolution connecting us to a bright and emerging future.

Dr. Chris Fuzessy Superintendent of Schools Foothills School Division