The Nanton Palominos are returning to the Ranchland senior AA men's hockey league in a big way this season.

The team has a new General Manager and have already signed up some new former junior players.

Joe Day, the new GM said he's pumped for them to have a strong season.

"You know, we kind of took over the organization this year and had the opportunity to bring it back.  I know the team had a rough go last year but proud to say the team is back, fully fledged. We're going to have a strong roster this year and we're going to be competing again in the Ranchland League. 

Hockey for me has always been full contact, play to win... there's no other way about it so I'm excited. Everything I've heard about the Ranchland, and I've played in senior leagues across Canada, and this is a very competitive, high-level league. I'm looking forward to getting back into it."

They'll be looking to add a few more players to the roster prior to the season starting the middle of October.

The Pals will once again be playing their home games out of the Tom Hornecker Arena.

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