The South-Central Alberta Hockey Leagues (SCAHL) under 15 AA Okotoks Oilers cemented their birth at the Provincials after sweeping the Olds Grizzlys in their league championship match up on March 9th.

The Oilers had a phenomenal season posting 30 wins in just 41 regular season games. Daron Dumanski head coach of the Oilers put this team together based on work ethic and it has paid dividends for him and his team.

"I put a lot of stock into work ethic, just watching them through conditioning camp and noticing how hard they work. Also, with how well they work together. I try not to have selfish players on and off the ice," Dumanski said.

"Honestly, I knew we were going to be an offensive team from the start. I did not expect them to come together this well. I knew we could compete to have a shot at this. Since January 15th they have been basically unstoppable, they have gone 16-1-1 in the season and then unbeaten in playoffs down the stretch. Just them playing as a team is the difference."

Having a full team committed to the plan has helped Dumanski and the Oilers reach a league title and has given them the opportunity to win a Provincial title in Edmonton on March 21 to 24.

"Everybody's contributing in their own way, not necessarily on the scoresheet but everybody is doing the little things every night. My bench has been so impressed with them cheering on the little things," he said.

U15 AA Okotoks Oilers are SCAHL champs (Credit: U15 AA Okotoks Oilers Facebook)U15 AA Okotoks Oilers are SCAHL champs (Credit: U15 AA Okotoks Oilers Facebook)

"They are recognizing each other for every little thing they do that they know is contributing. The most impressive thing to me this year is not how much they developed, which they all have, but just how they have come together as a group, where they are in it for each other and not for individual stats."

Dumanski explained that when he implemented his game plan at the start of the season it took the team a little bit to catch on. Once they saw how the gameplan worked effectively, he said a "light switch" clicked on and they have been on a tear since.

The Oilers have played a fair bit of games recently but have won them all solidifying their strength in the SCAHL after not losing a single playoff game, however the team is still eager to get back on the ice.

"They were exhausted, but they are really excited. For a lot of them they haven't been there before, they had a million questions before we were even off the ice for two minutes (after the league championship game)," Dumanski said.

"I canceled the practice on Tuesday, and they wanted to practice. I said no, you guys need some rest, and we will get back to it on Thursday."

Dumanski added that their motto all year long has been "19 strong" and to have the team play for the logo on the front of the jersey and not the name plate on the back.