The Town of Vulcan could be expanding their fleet in the next few years.

Already armed with a star ship and a space station, the next step, at least according to a new group, made up of artists, business leaders and fans, is to build a Klingon "Bird of Prey" to help bring more tourists to the Star Trek Capital of Canada.

Vulcan Town Council listened to their pitch at their meeting Monday, January 14.

The Klingon Assault Group or "KAG," along with the Nine in a Line Creative Arts Society and a Vulcan business leader are spearheading efforts to build a replica Klingon "Bird of Prey" in Vulcan.

Paul Careau of the fan group, the Klingon Attack Group, or "KAG" says they've come a long way in a short time.

"Last year we did the "Klingon Way" initiative, where we renamed a street. So, when we first started this we thought it was a little bit out of reach. I'm really surprised about how much support we're getting from the community."

Vulcan businessman, Pat Wiesner, says getting buy in from the community is key.

"Our community is kind of shy on the buy in to the whole Star Trek theme. I'm hoping once we get this thing spooled up with the support of our Klingon Clubs globally the Community will go "Oh, we better get on that. This is exciting!" And it is very exciting stuff."

Council agreed to look into the proposal, by coming up with a potential site, and checking out some regulatory and zoning issues.

The group would be responsible for funding and building the ship.


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