Vulcan County has approved the development proposal for a $65 million cannabis cultivation and production site.

The company, Camarico Cannabis, is planning to develop a large scale 72 acre site, with 19 lots and 50,000 square foot buildings on each lot, North of Mossleigh within Vulcan County.

However, there's been some concern from neighbouring landowners about the development and operation of the facility.

Manager of Development Services for Vulcan County Anne Erickson says they've been listenting to feedback from property owners from the area.

"We did receive some concerns from adjacent landowners, and owners in the area, the main concerns revolved around traffic, noise and water usage from the facility."

Erickson says, the issue of water supply for the facilities production is still being deliberated.

"There are two alternative options regarding water supply for the site, one was for the facility to utilize well water from the land. Alternatively, the site can transport water to the facility. There was concerns on both matters, because well water in the area is limited, and transportation of water would increase local traffic around the site."

Erickson says despite approval of the proposal, there's plenty of stipulations and a mandatory appeal period before construction can begin.

"The application has been approved with 23 conditions addressing various landuse matters, it now sits in an appeal period which is 21 days before the date of the approval. The 21 days allows the applicant, or anyone who deems themselves affected, a chance to appeal before the appeal board."

With cannabis being a new commodity, Erickson says development commitees are still finding the most appropriate way around managing new operation requests, and balancing the needs of the public who may be concerned with cannabis production.

"Considering it's a new and ever changing legislation from the Provincal and Federal governments, it can be challenging assuring our own bylaws are in place. We are continuing to listen to public concerns about the approval."


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