The swimming pool at the Bob Snodgrass Rec-plex needs a few more repairs before it can re-open to the public.

The pool has been shut down since last September when the annual repairs turned up some big problems with a repair bill of $275,000.

As they filled the pool for the re-opening, planned for Feb.17 the pool started to leak.

Town Manager Tom Maier says along with the repairs they had x-rayed the pool tank at the end of the year.

"We had over the Christmas holiday, we had a firm come in," said Maier. "To do some x-rays of the pool tank to determine if it had some life left in it."

"Through their evaluation of the pool tank, along with some general maintenance and some upgrades we are looking at doing in 2020, we can probably get another 20 to 25 years out of the pool. so we can make this facility last."

He adds to replace it would cost 20 to 25 million dollars.

Plans are underway for a pool upgrade and a pool expansion in 2022.

"We will probably be working on design in 2021. So the next couple of years we will be working on expansion design with hopefully construction starting in 2022 or 2023."

The Town is saving up money through a one percent tax increase included in property taxes specifically budgeted for the pool.

The pool expansion project includes, better opportunities for senior and youth and a plan for zero entry point pool where it is safer for parents and children to access the pool.

"We are looking at making sure we have a good facility, moving forward, we need to get past this point and really focus on the future because we need to make sure we have a facility that is going to last here for the next generation."

"All indications are the pool tank is in good shape it is just a matter of getting this resolved and getting it back open."


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