The Fall bird migration is well underway here in the Foothills.

Local bird expert Greg Wagner says the big movers right now are waterfowl, like ducks and geese.

"Canada Geese are really flocking up. And we should see Snow Geese moving through right now and over the next month or so. And the one's I really look forward to, the swans. And the swans should be coming through in big numbers here towards the end of the month."

Wagner says the best place to see a lot of the action is out at Frank Lake just east of High River south of Highway 23.

Wagner says it's more than just ducks and geese making their way south, but a lot of the songbirds and species like crows and robins are gathering for their pilgrimage as well.

He says some stay longer than others.

"It depends on the types of birds. Some of the smaller birds will move through rather quickly. But larger birds like swans and Snow Geese and Canada Geese will stay right through freeze up. It really depends on the sort of birds you're talking about. The Fall migration seems to be a little more staggered, a little slower than the Spring migration."

Wagner says the big reason for that is in the Spring, the birds are in a rush, to get here, mate and starting raising their offspring before Winter sets back in, while in the Fall, there's not as much urgency to get south so most species tend to take a little longer.

Wagner says as some birds move out, others move in, like Blue Jays, Ravens and Red Polls.


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