The Foothills School Division has released some guidelines to help parents decide if their kids are too sick to go to school.

The information is based on the Alberta Health Services Heal website.

Communications and PR Manager Candace Denison says it's been a bad flu year.

"It is definitely a bad flu season all across Alberta," said Denison. "I don't think there is one area that has been affected by that but school absences continue to remain somewhat on average for this time of year."

The division has posted a chart that will help parents make up their minds on if their child should stay home, go to school or go to the doctor.

"What we are trying to do is educate parents a bit on just what sick actually is. Having a fever is sick and the child should stay at home. However having a sniffle is not and they should go to school for that."

Sometimes it is hard for parents to decide just what to do.

"We are telling them that attendance is important and that their child should be at school and yet on the other hand if we are telling them if they are sick they should be at home."

They are hoping this new tool will help parents make the decision on when it is appropriate to keep their kids at home.

For more information go to the Foothills School Division website or their Facebook page.

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