The WPCA officially kicks off the season tonight, Wednesday, May 29 at the Grande Prairie Stompede.

High River's Jason Glass is ready to go running in the final heat #10 and he has some stiff competition with Chance Vigen, Jamie Laboucane, and Evan Salmond.

And yes, they are running four wagons per heat.

Laboucane took top dollar in the tarp auction raking in $40,000. 

Jordie Fike is set for heat #3 with veteran Kirk Sutherland, Cruise Bensmiller, and Troy Dorchester.

De Winton's Dayton Sutherland is racing in heat #4 alongside Dustin Gorst, Dean Dreger, and Layne Flad.

The Grande Prairie Stompede runs from May 29 to June 2.