A home and a car were victims of some paintball target practice over the last week or so.

Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills with the High River RCMP says police got one report and saw another through social media but want to hear from anyone who sees it happening.

"We have had one complaint for sure, perhaps two that have come in to us but that's it as far as formal complaints to the RCMP, but certainly we have seen some social media posts that are showing that there's a bit of paintballing that's going on around town, so definitely encouraging anybody that's targeted or seen some paintball splats on their property where there wasn't any before to just give us a call, let us know where it's at, make a complaint so we can increase our patrols in those areas, so we can figure out who's doing it," said Cst. Kingdon-Mills.

She says they do occasionally pick up[CLIP] on issues through social media but that's not guaranteed so people need to reach out.

The paintball hits along with recent vandalism in George Lane Park are disturbing to see and police need to hear from the public as soon as possible when it happens.

One suggestion on Facebook for getting the paint off: Magic eraser and awesome spray from the Dollar Store. Don't rub too hard

A garage and a car were hit with paintball pellets (photo: Facebook)A garage and a car were hit with paintball pellets (photo: Facebook)