Local artist from High River, Jared Tailfeathers has brought his talent to George Lane Park and has started carving trees for some unique art pieces.

High River resident Lee Peckham helped make this a possibility after talking with the Community Vitality Advisory Committee, who green lit the project to Town Council. High River Town Council then approved the tree carving, allowing for some new art to be made in George Lane Park.

"So, I have an artist, his name is Jared Tailfeathers, he is an Indigenous wood carver, and he does live in High River. I have got him hired, he's ready to go, I have gotten him the cash to buy his supplies," Peckham said.

"It took me quite a while, I really wanted it to be an Indigenous artist for the first couple trees because I felt we needed to honour the history of the park and also the Truth and Reconciliation piece, I wanted that in there also. I was very fortunate to have Jocelyn Edwards give me the name of Jared Tailfeathers, and I contacted him, and he came out to the park, looked at it with me and he is on board."

"He is very, very well-known member of the Blood Kainai Nation of the Blackfoot confederacy, and he has done quite a few projects. He has actually worked with the City of Calgary Arts Development Authority as a public art project lead. We are very, very fortunate to have him."

Tailfeathers is also planning to do a mural inside the Spitzee Elementary School this year.

Peckham explains what kind of pieces Tailfeathers plans of working on with the tree carving at George Lane Park.

"He's calling it the pillars of the river, because I actually do have two trees fairly close together, and he has been greenlighted like I said for the first one, and hopefully by the fall we can get him greenlighted for the second one," she said.

"He says there are two tress that will be carved, one of them will be depictions of local Indigenous symbols and cultural depictions."

Some of the things listed in what will be included are, buffalo jumps, Porcupine Hills, mountains, and much more. The goal is to have it done by the September Reconciliation Ceremony.

Peckham's idea came about by walking around the park and seeing some of the dead trees in the area and then seeing a carving of a wolf in a tree. Her goal is to have 20 trees in the arena get a new look with some carvings. One other thing the Peckham mentioned is that she would like to add a QR code to each carved tree and that it would give information on who carved the tree as well as some more information about the carving.

"I would like to encourage the citizens of High River that if you have an idea for the Community Vitality to improve our community, please, please, take the time to contact the town. Community Vitality Advisory Committee is waiting and willing to listen to your proposal and if passed they are willing to give you money to make that a reality," Peckham explained.