The search for Waldo is back on in Okotoks this July.

Yooneek Books will again be hosting the month-long event “Where’s Waldo in Okotoks?”

It’s part of a wider “shop local” event held each year in North America by Candlewick Press and the American Booksellers Association, who team up with independent bookstores to bring the event to hundreds of towns.

During the month of July, 22 Okotoks businesses will be hiding a small cutout of the children’s character Waldo in their stores, and locals are invited to track him down at each of the businesses.

“All the participating companies will be getting little golf cards with all the companies on it. You’ll go to each one and there’s going to be a little Waldo stand, and once people find it, they can let one of the employees know, and they’ll sign the card,” explains co-owner of Yooneek Books, Rae-Lynne Byerley.

Where's WaldoThis year's search for Waldo is spread across 22 Okotoks businesses.

The first 125 people to get 10 store signatures from finding Waldo will get a sticker, and those who get 20 signatures will be entered into a prize draw.

Yooneek Books is an exception, however, with a Waldo medal to find in the store rather than the standard cutout.

There will be several prize draws, including five different Waldo books, as well as prizes contributed by a few of the participating businesses.

This will be the event’s second year in town after a fairly warm reception in 2023.

“We felt it was very successful, we got a lot of compliments from the participants and the companies that participated as well, so on both ends, we were hearing a lot of positive stuff,” says Byerley. “It was a lot easier to pitch it this year. At the end of last year, a few companies were already  saying ‘Count us in next year.’ It was easier to get participants this year and to be able to fill the spots,” says Byerley.

Where's WaldoA look at the Waldo medal that will be hidden somewhere in Yooneek Books.