After an appearance on stage with Keith Urban, local musician, Michela Sheedy has released a new single that has empowered many through its message.

Sheedy has partnered with Gems for Gems, a charity in support of ending the cycle of domestic violence, and says a simple share of the video created inspired by her new single, will benefit the cause in different ways.

She says "I Make Bad Look Good," is meant to deliver an important message and inspire those who struggle with self love.

"It really came from a place of trying to empower myself and hopefully empower others. It's been a really cool journey with this song, the meaning of it has kind of even changed for myself. But, at the end of the day, what I want this song to deliver, is a message that, as people, we don't need to be fixed. We need to take a step back and realize, I'm working really hard. I need to give myself a break because I'm perfect just the way that I am," said Sheedy.

Sheedy and her team crafted a video for a fundraising campaign for Gems for Gems, which will earn one dollar per share on social media toward the cause, and be matched up to $5000.

"Each share of that video will represent one dollar donated to Gems for Gems. So, all people need to do is keep a look out for the video, and share it. Share it so much, that it hurts. I will go broke donating all this money," she said.

Links to the video can be found on Michela Sheedy's and Gems for Gems social media, or by following the link below: