So the slogan for Okotoks is "Historic Past, Sustainable Future" but if you asked residents to vote on a new slogan it would end up being something along the lines of "the place where every single deer in the world seems to live." 

As we all know (a little too well) there's a BUNCH of deer here in town. 

So many that we have a deer task force. 

So many that the town currently has a pilot project that allows people to raise their fences higher to keep the deer out of their gardens. 

So many that for April Fool's this year we said the town would be installing 'deer only' crosswalks in busy areas of the community... and people believed us.

Long story short... there are a lot of deer in Okotoks and they are either loved or not so loved by the townspeople.

But here's a question for you... have you ever seen a white deer? 

Apparently, they are real and not just folklore. These mystical creatures have been passed on in stories throughout generations.

They are however, incredibly rare! There are just 200 Seneca Deer (White deer) that live on this protected land in New York and then there's a 1 in 20,000 chance of a deer being Albino... so, we're talking like rare, rare.

But, we think there's one living in Okotoks...

Yes, you read that right.

Check out the picture and video below (bottom of the page) sent in from a friend of the Eagle radio station. 

White deer spotted in Okotoks?

Crazy, hey!? That deer totally looks white! 

We can't decide if it is indeed this rare creature that has picked Okotoks as its home to grace us all with its mysticalness....or if it's just an illusion? 


PollWatch the video and let us know what you think and comment on Facebook!

I'm going with... real. It's GOT to be real. I'm convinced... and I could use a little magic or good luck these days. ;) 

~ Shayne