The recent Foothills Shuffleboard Association Singles tournament was a tremendous success.

So says Ken Wardley with the organization.

"It was just wonderful. We had a full roster, we had 64 people, and it was just absolutely fantastic. We had people from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and B.C. and they just had a great time."

Many of them drove their trailers and set up camp either in overflow parking behind the Bob Snodgrass Rec Plex or at George Lane Park. Wardley says the weather was good too, and they were a bunch of happy campers.

He also says it's such a wonderful sport, especially for seniors because of the three key pieces the FSA is based on.

"People look forward to coming because of the sociability thing. We built the club on three pillars. One was sociability, the other was wellness, and the other was physical activity. We just fall into those three categories beautifully."

Part of that sociability was an event held on Thursday's opening night.

"We had a big banquet over at the High River Legion and they just treated us wonderfully well."

Wardley is already getting excited for their next big event coming up in a few months.

"One of the things we will have around the first part of August is our mixed doubles tournament. Already, believe it or not, we're starting to get filled up with that and we're still looking for more entries of course. It proves always to be a real exciting time."

You can find out more on the Foothills Shuffleboard Association's website.