High River Town Council met on Monday (March 25) and has set five strategic priorities moving forward.

The first of the priorities was the Town Plan changing the existing milestone of adoption. A new draft plan was presented to the community with open houses and a final Task Force meeting that was held on Thursday March 21. Their visions are to have a "People First" focus and zone in on the people who live here now, looking at how they can help the residents foresee a future towards the community that they see fit. They hope to adopt the Town Plan in August.

The second thing on the priority list at Town Hall was the aquatic facility expansion. A detailed design of the expansion is about 90 per cent done with plans to have it close in May and then have the construction start in July.

The third priority on the list Town Council talked about was the new outdoor rink at the Town Farm. The new outdoor rink will support sports like skating, ice hockey, ball hockey, lacrosse and other outdoor seasonal sports. The plan is to start construction in early fall. Click here for more information. 

The fourth priority is the town hopes to complete the 112 Street East area structure plan by the summer. Click here for more information.

The fifth priority on the list is coming up with a comprehensive Water Strategy plan.