Winter presents different threats than the summer when it comes to wildlife encounters.

Many bears may be hibernating, but plenty of other animals are still active.

Tangle McClaron, Interpretation and Public Education Coordinator for the Kananaskis region with Alberta Parks, says we still need to keep our eyes peeled for a variety of other critters.

"It's more likely that people may run into animals like moose or deer on the trails, like if they're coming around a sharp corner or even in the parking lot sometimes we encounter a moose licking salt off the cars," she explains. "There's also cougars, wolves, and coyotes that are still active this time of year."

McClaron has a few tips to follow when venturing outdoors.

"The most important thing for avoiding wildlife encounters is making noise so the wildlife knows you're coming, especially around blind corners or heavily forested areas, and carrying bear spray. Bear spray is effective on any animal, not just bears. The key with carrying in the winter is you want to keep it in your jacket so it doesn't get too cold."

Encounters with predators, like wolves or cougars, or aggressive incidents with wildlife can be reported by contacting Kananaskis Emergency Services at (403) 591- 7755, or stopping in at the nearest visitor centre.

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